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Exposant au Battery Show Europe à Stuttgart

Exhibitor at the Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart

Nanomakers will be exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart, Germany, to present its nano-silicon anode active material for Lithium-ion batteries. The event will be held at Messe Stuttgart from June 18 to 20, 2024.

Exposant au salon Batteries Event à Lyon

Exhibitor at Batteries Event in Lyon

Nanomakers will be exhibiting at Batteries Event organized by Avicenne Energy to present its nano-silicon anode active material for Lithium-ion batteries. The event will be hold at Centre de Congrès de Lyon from October 10 to 13, 2023.

Les batteries avec les anodes au silicium au sein des médias

Batteries with silicon anodes through the media

The development of silicon anode is progressing at world level! Many investments are in course to find the next generation Lithium-ion batteries with Silicon anode. Nanomakers is also involved in many projects about Silicon anode, contact-us to learn more.

Fabrication de l’anode base silicium chez Nanomakers

Silicon based anode preparation at Nanomakers

Nanomakers expand his R&D capabilities to prepare Silicon based anode electrode for Lithium-ion batteries market !!! Our carbon coated silicon nanopowders will be the key component in anode for the next generation of Li-ion batteries.

Événement autour des matériaux de batteries

Battery materials event

Nanomakers participated in the event around battery materials, presenting our nano silicon made in France and high performance for Lithium-ion batteries

Augmentation de la capacité de production par ligne de Nanomakers

Increase in production capacity per line of Nanomakers

Nanomakers has demonstrated the feasibility of multiplying by 5 times its annual nanoparticles production i.e. 40 tons/year/line.
This addresses the need of mass market volumes, especially for electric vehicles batteries and semiconductor industry.