Li-ion batteries

Nano Silicon:

key component for Li-ion batteries anode

The growing demand for ever more efficient batteries in terms of durability and autonomy is forcing manufacturers to seek new chemistries. Improving the energy density of batteries and therefore their autonomy is one of the objectives of using nanosilicon as an active material in the anode.

Market needs

Carbon coated silicon nanopowders for more autonomy

In Li-ion batteries, storage capacity of silicon is 10 times greater than graphite, the main anode material in use in Li-ion batteries (3576 mAh/g again 372 mAh/g). However, the use of Silicon is limited by two big constraints: its fracturation during the insertion of Li ions and its oxidation during the cycling. Nanomakers silicon nanopowders make it possible to bypass these constraints. Indeed, Nanomakers has developed and patented the carbon-coated silicon (SiΩC) in order to allow the use of Silicon inside Li-ion batteries and then to optimize their performances.

Contribution of NMSiΩC

Carbon coated Silicon, essential component

Nanomakers is offering carbon coated silicon nanopowders (SiΩC) as essential component which will boost the energy density of the anode in Li-ion batteries.

Advantages of carbon coating for Si nanopowders:

Protect the Si from direct contact with the electrolyte

Improve the affinity of nano-Si with graphite and other components of the anode such as binders or conductive agents

Ease the dispersion of nano-Si in the graphite matrix

Facilitate the stability of the SEI layer

Advantages of SiΩC in the anode of Li-ion battery:

Significant increase in energy capacity (mAh/g) by mixing our nano-SiΩC with other common components of the anode (graphite, binders, carbonated additives, etc…)

Significant improvement in specific energy (Wh/kg) and in energetic density (Wh/L), which are the key indicators of battery performances

Compatible with the fast charging of the battery

Development of the composite Silicon / Carbon

Composite Silicon / Carbon to facilitate incorporation

Nanomakers also develops material formulations to make Silicon / Carbon composite. This alternative solution of our Silicon nanopowders can facilitate the integration of silicon inside the current battery manufacturing technologies and improve the capacity retention.

Advantages of Silicon / Carbon composite inside anode of Li-ion batteries:

A faster incorporation to the current anode manufacturing process

Significant increase of specific energy (Wh/kg) and the energetic density (Wh/L), key indicators of battery performances

An improvement of battery lifetime for bigger autonomy

A decrease of irreversible loss due to the formation of SEI layer.

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