Values and commitments

Nanomakers highlight the values of solidarity, commitment, proactivity and progress

to serve our customers and collaborators.

We are committed to provide our products with the best achievable quality and in the respect of the environment around us. The involvement of Nanomakers about these aspects was rewarded by the obtention of certificates ISO 9001 and 14001.

The values of Nanomakers

supported by the whole team

We respect our colleagues; we are concerned by their activities and we are helping each other.

We process immediately encountered problems and we participate proactively to the decision process.

We respect our good practices; however we will not be satisfied with our achievements and consider all possibilities to improve ourselves.

We develop attentive listening in order to understand everyone's needs and we facilitate everyone's expression.

We listen to our customers and are collectively involved in order to meet their expectations according to their level of technical and timing requirements.

We work all together to move Nanomakers forward smoothly.

We privilege a pleasant and friendly working place and We are going at end of the actions that we commit and the commitments that we make.

We are giving the best of ourselves to progress personally and collectively.

Our commitments

Commitments of the management:

The success, the profitability and the sustainability of our company depend on the loyalty and trust of our customers in our products and services. We consider that these aspects are never definitively acquired and can be constantly questioned.

In order to maintain our leadership and always better satisfy our customers, we develop our innovations and our operational performance, based on our experience and our technical achievements, while implementing our environmental responsibility.

As a producer of nanomaterials, we know that maintaining our business depends on our ability to control the manufacturing, the transport and the use of our product. Thus, Nanomakers wishes to deploy a policy aiming at achieving the objective of profitability and improving the individual and collective skills of the company, as well as controlling all the impacts throughout the value chain.

This approach requires a global approach that requires the integration of an environmental component into our quality management system. As a result, this new system will meet the 2015 versions of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

On the strength of this decision, the Management Committee will make sure to promote, respect and constantly improve its Quality/Environment Management System by ensuring its implementation on a daily basis, through our working organization and the arbitration of our priorities.


The President

Environmental quality policy

The areas of the management:

To ensure the effectiveness of this Quality/Environment management system, the Management Committee centers its commitment around the following areas:

ISO Certifications

showing the commitment of Nanomakers about the quality and the environment 

Nanomakers is committed to guaranteeing the quality and management of our products and our production and also to respecting the environment, by obtaining ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

The certificates can be downloaded in below.