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Silicon based nanopowders

Thanks to its original process, Nanomakers has a wide range of products that can be adapted according to customer expectations.

• Silicon carbide (SiC): with 3 other nuanced products presenting different properties

• Silicon nanopowders (Si) and carbon coated silicon nanopowders (SiΩC)

Main features

Quality of nanopowders

The quality of these nanopowders enable the integration of nanopowders from Nanomakers by any industrial looking for a reliable solution for material strengthening or for the development of new materials.

Homogeneous nanopowders

The homogeneity of nanopowders from Nanomakers provides the best performance gains while using the least amount of nanopowders.

Homogeneity is given by the standard deviation of the powder. The standard deviation of the 99% purity grade with a 35 nm grain size, is less than 10 nm.

Pure nanopowders

Nanomakers is proposing nanopowders with a purity over 99%, corresponding to the quality levels of « pure » to « ultra- pure ».

The technology used both in the heart of the process and in the raw materials introduced very little contamination in the produced nanopowders.

Reproductible nanopowders

Nanomakers technology produces nanopowders conform to the specifications and requirements of each industry.

This commitment ensures customers reproducible nanopowders that are specific to them, ensuring the constancy of performance of advanced materials with nanopowders from Nanomakers.

Different possible forms

Adapting nanopowders’ form according to customers’ needs

Free standing powders

In the dry process, the standard form of Nanomakers products is in free standing form. The apparent density is around 40 g/L.

Granulated powders

Nanomakers has implemented a granulation process to convert the free powders into micrometer and millimeter granulated powders with an apparent density of more than 200 g/L.


Slurries can be prepared with dry contents variable solid contents in accordance with customers’ specifications.

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