Innovative company


an innovative company in nanotechnology

Founded in January 2010, Nanomakers designs, manufactures and markets high quality silicon carbide (SiC) and pure silicon or coated with carbon (Si/SiΩC) nanopowders. These nanopowders can increase the mechanical, thermal and chemical performances of many materials used in different industrial sectors (semiconductor, Lithium-ion batteries, aerospace, automotive, etc…).

From fundamental research

to the creation of an industrial company

Based on 20 years of research on nanopowders and their production at the CEA, from which Nanomakers is the exclusive licensee, the company has five years lead over any competing technology worldwide.

This historical root with the CEA, and the licensing of all patents and know-how has enabled Nanomakers to have an operational and marketable product portfolio.

This portfolio covers the entire industrial value chain and includes a range of tailor-made nanopowders, a stable production process and an advising service for processing and integration of powders into customer’s products.

A global presence

Nanomakers is offering solutions to all industrials wishing to improve existing materials and develop new ones. The company distributes its products worldwide by distinguishing 3 main business areas: Europe, Asia and Americas.


Nanomakers relies on its knowledge of European industrial base to speak with potential customers directly.


NANOMAKERS JAPAN (subsidiary of Nanomakers) relies on a strong network of relationships with actors in advanced technologies for ensuring the marketing and business development of Nanomakers products, directly with major key accounts in the material industry or final users.


NANOMAKERS addresses directly to industrials located in Americas area.

Distribution agents

NANOMAKERS relies also on its distribution agents around the world to get close relationship with its local customers and also to bring necessary technical and commercial assistances.