Reinforce the thermomechanical properties of CMC

thanks to Silicon Carbide nanopowders

Reinforcing additives for CMC
The nano SiC can be used as reinforcing agent for the manufacturing of Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC), especially SiC/SiC type.

Market needs

improving features

The development of CMC answers first to the issues encountered during the use of classical technical ceramics: brittle behavior, defects due to the manufacturing process, etc…

Introduction of fiber formed materials allows to reinforce the matrix intrinsically, paving the way for new applications.

Contribution of NMSiC

better densification and mechanicla properties improved

Nanomakers is proposing silicon carbide nanopowders which can be incorporated into different steps of CMC manufacturing process such as the slurry preparation before the impregnation with the fibers. They bring additional reinforcement, allowing a better densification and improved mechanical properties.

Nanometric size: inclusion inside residual pores, diminution of pores size

High thermal conductivity

Chemically inert

Adaptation of the surface composition of the particles to increase the affinity with the matrix

The Hiperco project

a stable and homogeneous mixture on an industrial scale

Nanomakers developped the abilities to prepare high performance nanocomposite powders through the Hiperco project. A preparation protocole has been defined at industrial scale to obtain a stable and homogenous mixture, without emission of nanoparticles.

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