Reinforcing additives

The NMSiC nanopowders

can reinforce various materials like polymers, metal or ceramics.

The matrices reinforced by nano SiC will show a better resistance to mechanical, thermal and chemical constraints.

Reinforcing, reinforcing and reinforcing again

thanks to Silicon Carbide nanopowders

Reinforcing polymers

The NMSiC improves various properties to different polymers:

A higher resistance under critical environnments, chemically or thermally

An improvement of mechanical properties such as the hardness or the abrasion resistance

An improvement of the matrice's life time


Reinforcing ceramics

The reinforcement by NMSiC for antiballistic protective parts:

Hardness of SiC bulk

Nanometric additive :
▪ Decreasing the interparticular porosity
▪ Interparticular reinforcement

Modulation of surface composition to increase affinity with the matrix

Reinforcing precious metals

Reinforcing precious metals with NMSiC

Increasing the hardness

Lightweight structure

Improving the abrasion resistance

Reinforcing metals for aerospace

NMSiC for a global reinforcement

NMSiC, raw material for numerous markets

The NMSiC can be used as raw material to manufacture technical parts of high purity serving the markets such as:

Watchmaking: Parts with high hardness and great abrasion resistance

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