Publication of new patent about SiC sintering

Nanomakers has published a new patent about the sintering of silicon carbide parts. Our nano SiC has some unique features which ease the densification during the sintering process.

Publication of new patent about SiC sintering

2 May 2022

Nanomakers is proud to announce the publication of a new patent 

which present our works about the sintering of our SiC nanopowders in very dense parts for semiconductors market 

A new patent of Nanomakers (WO2022064239A1) has been published! It explains how to obtain pure sintered SiC parts. It enables densities that can be over 98%.

Our nano-silicon carbide is unique for sintering as it already has an optimal oxygen/carbon in excess ratio on each particle.

Nanomakers silicon carbide has a semi-conductor purity and its surface has been tuned to optimize the sintering densification. As oxygen limits densification, some carbon is also present at the surface to remove oxygen during densification.

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