Nano Silicon Carbide

Nanomakers SiC nanoparticles

have unique characteristics about purity, homogeneity and size.

The average grain size as well as their surface chemistry can be adjusted.

They are produced using a robust technology, patented and industrially exploited by Nanomakers for several years. This technology is now used for deliveries in industrial quantities.

The Nanomakers offer includes SiC – standard grade (NM SiC 99) and a range of functionalized SiC (Silicon coated SiC, Carbon coated SiC and Nitrogen doped SiC).

Nano SiC – NMSiC99

Silicon carbide nanoparticle - standard version

This is the standard grade, crystalline form (3-C or β). Its metallic purity is > 99.95% (3.5N).

It contains less than 1% oxygen by mass.

This grade is intended for high-tech and semiconductor applications, but also in electronics, aeronautics, aerospace, automotive, jewelery for certain equipment and structural parts. It is well suited for reinforcing materials such as elastomers, polymers, resins, composites, metals and ceramics.


of SiC nanoparticle - standard version

Available standard sizes:

@ 35 nm

@ 75 nm

Other available form:

@ 35 GR – granulated form

@ 75 GR – granulated form


High purity

Low size deviation

Thermomechanical properties of SiC bulk


The NMSiC99 grade is supplied with a guaranteed low oxygen content (<1% wt.) and low metallic traces.

Possible applications:

Functionalized Nano SiC

Specific grades of nano SiC developed for specific needs

It is a range of SiC developed by Nanomakers to meet the needs of specific applications.


Range of functionalized SiC:

Silicon coated SiC - NM SiCΩSi 99

This type of functionalization facilitates the dispersion of nano SiC in water-based or organic based solvents.

Carbon coated SiC - NM SiCΩC 99

This type of functionalization reinforces the existing properties of NM SiC 99.

Those two products can be used for instance in fluoroelastomers or silicones to improve their mechanical performances as well as their resistance to aggressive environment (ex.: seals for semiconductor applications).

Nitrogen doped SiC - NM SiCΔN 99

This type of functionalization can bring some interesting electrical properties to NMSiC99.

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