Silicon based anode preparation at Nanomakers

Nanomakers expand his R&D capabilities to prepare Silicon based anode electrode for Lithium-ion batteries market !!! Our carbon coated silicon nanopowders will be the key component in anode for the next generation of Li-ion batteries.

Silicon based anode preparation at Nanomakers

1 Jun 2022

High energy density silicon based anode

to boost Li-ion batteries' autonomy

Nanomakers is proud to present our capabilities for the preparation of Li-ion anodes materials. We invite you to look at the video below to learn more.

From the choice of suitable ingredients to the preparation methods, we are controlling every step to optimize our anode preparation recipe.

Please check our pages about the preparation of electrodes and cells of Lithium-ion batteries, the application for Lithium-ion batteries and our silicon based nanopowders.

Looking for high density anode? Contact us to get new anode boosted by Silicon according to your specifications.

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