Production of nanopowders: Safe by Design

The first production line for the synthesis of nanopowders

Silicon based nanopowders by laser pyrolysis at Nanomakers,

operational since January 2012 at its site in Rambouillet. It has a production capacity at industrial scale and reaches already 40 tons per year of production.

Nanomakers has invested for productivity to answer the increase of customers’ requests (installation of the automated transfer and packaging system, granulation process of nanopowders).

A continuous production of nanopowders

thanks to the transfer and packaging system

Nanomakers put in place a transfer of nanopowders from reactor's exit to packaging posts in order to optimize production time and to facilitate operator's work.

Thanks to this system, we are able to pack nanopowders in industrial quantities.

A production of nanopowders under control

thanks to the principle of Safe by Design

In the absence of regulation of manufacturing, transportation, storage and use of nanoparticles, we have put in place the highest level of control and procedures around these products.

Indeed, we have the experience of CEA in sensitive materials handling procedures and controls. Nanomakers has adopted the precautionary principle in dealing with these products as if they were potentially dangerous and prevent all risks.

The manufacturing process at Nanomakers is totally enclosed in order to avoid all contact between nano powders and people and environment, it’s one of the principles of « Safe by design ».

This « Safe by design » principle is the essence of production line at Nanomakers.

The application of this principle involves several aspects:

The gas stockage zone is under permanent control with our supplier.

The checking of all installations before the production is very strict.

A performant system of alerts preventing all potential risks in the production zone.

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