Batteries with silicon anodes through the media

The development of silicon anode is progressing at world level! Many investments are in course to find the next generation Lithium-ion batteries with Silicon anode. Nanomakers is also involved in many projects about Silicon anode, contact-us to learn more.

Batteries with silicon anodes through the media

24 Jun 2022

The race for developping silicon anodes is ongoing at the large industrials and at the start-up.

The investments in silicon anodes are increasing gradually.

The enthousiasm for silicon anode is very strong among the Lithium-ion batteries manufacturers and the start-up. The article from Usine nouvelle (see the link here) summarize the current interactions between the leaders of batteries market and the start-up working in silicon anode.

Nanomakers was also listed in this article as the French producer of silicon nanoparticles by laser pyrolysis, its silicon nanoparticles becoming key component in the formulation of silicon anode. Nanomakers works also with some big companies in order to offer anode materials adapted to the specifications of various applications such as the electrical vehicles, the cellphones and the portative tools.

Contact us to learn more about our developments in silicon anode.

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