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L’approche “Zéro contact”

to guarantee the products quality and the security during the production

L’approche “Zéro contact” offre avant tout l’intérêt d’éviter tout contact avec les opérateurs tout au long du procédé. Pour répondre à cette contrainte, nous avons développé un procédé de production et de conditionnement confiné.

As a result, Nanomakers is able to supply nanopowders with very little traces of oxides, guaranteeing optimum use for industrial customers.

Extension of « No contact » policy

until the packaging of nanopowders

Nanopowders samples packaging

< 1 kg: in plastic bottle

Transport in double packaging:

Packaging under inert atmosphere = stability

Waterproof bottle + sealed envelope

No contact with the environment, product preservation

Nanopowders batches packaging

from 1 to 50 kg and more: in plastic drum

Transport in double packaging:

Robust drum, with high impact resistance

Packaging under inert atmosphere = stability

No contact with the environment throughout the supply chain

Suitable for solid and in a liquid medium powder (slurry)

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