Quality & Packaging

The « No contact » approach

to guarantee the products quality and the security during the production

The « No contact » approach avoids contact with operators during all the production process. To meet this constraint, we have developed a production and confined packaging implementation.

As a result, Nanomakers is able to supply nanopowders with very little traces of oxides, guaranteeing optimum use for industrial customers.

Extension of « No contact » policy

until the packaging of nanopowders

Nanopowders samples packaging

< 1 kg: in plastic bottle

Transport in double packaging:

Packaging under inert atmosphere = stability

Waterproof bottle + sealed envelope

No contact with the environment, product preservation

Nanopowders batches packaging

from 1 to 50 kg and more: in plastic drum

Transport in double packaging:

Robust drum, with high impact resistance

Packaging under inert atmosphere = stability

No contact with the environment throughout the supply chain

Suitable for solid and in a liquid medium powder (slurry)

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